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Historically, many businesses and corporations have included operations outside their national borders to provide raw materials, manufacture products, and expand markets. However, the pace and extent of these methods have accelerated dramatically since the 1980s under a series of trade agreements promoted by the largest industrialized nations. These policies, which include NAFTA, GATT, FTAA, and others, have pitted the interests of huge transnational industries against many working people in the United States and abroad. This process is known as globalization.

The following directory is a selective list of key resources on this topic, and will be updated periodically as resources evolve.

Relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings:
Commercial policy
Foreign trade regulation
International business enterprises
International trade
Trade-unions and foreign policy

NOTE: also search for materials with the British spelling "globalisation"

A Select Gude to Other Research Tools

University of Wisconson Madison Globalization: An Undergraduate Research Guide

This Research Guide focuses on globalization, the controversial process by which the world is becoming more economically, politically, and socially integrated. The guide should provide researchers with a starting point for investigating such topics as free trade vs. fair trade, globalization and human rights (for example, child labor), economic liberalization, the globalization of politics, globalization and poverty, the globalization of communications and media, and the effects of globalization on the environment.

Researching Globalization

How can globalization be mapped? How can it be measured? Where should empirical research on globalization begin? In order to help address these questions, this guide sets out an approach to globalization and an initial research agenda that can be followed-up by all those with an interest in this area. The document is meant to provide some interesting starting points for empirical inquiry and a guide to particularly helpful sources.

New York University Law School WTO & GATT Research

This guide presents the essential sources for researching the former GATT system and the current system under the Uruguay Round agreements and the World Trade Organization


International Forum of Globalization
An alliance of sixty leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization.

International Labour Organization


Center for Economic and Policy Research

The World Bank

International Monetary Fund

The World Trade Organization


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